Netflix Murder, She Wrote Murder mystery binge watching game + free printable

I love Netflix!! The real struggles of binge watching. One of my all time favorite shows growing up was Murder, She Wrote starring Angelo Lansberry as the crime-writing sleuth Jessica Fletcher living in Cabot Cove Main. And with the help of Netflix I've turned to my favorite show into a murder mystery game, you can play anytime. Whether watching on a tv or a tablet computer it is so much fun to play.

I’ve created a free printable that you can download to help keep track of all the characters and play along with the each episode.

How to play the game:
Download and print out Jessica’s notebook pages for each player.
Pencil or pen to take notes as you watch the episode
Netflix subscription for any Murder She Wrote episode. There are 10 seasons!
Your tv remote ready to pause before the big reveal of who done it!

As you watch the chosen episode keep track of all the characters and write down any important details on Jessica's notebook page that she or you uncovers. Most episodes will have the big reveal when there are 5 to 10 minutes left.  Wait till you hear the "happy theme music" then you will know Jessica has solved the case.  Pause the episode at that time and discuss with the other players or keep it a secret if your playing for prizes. Unpause and see how Jessica solves the mystery. Did you guess the same conclusion, if so you are the winner!!