Cheers and hello! My passion lies in blogging and graphic design, though I’m also pretty taken with photography, vintage treasure hunting with my best friend at local thrift shops, exploring the great unknown, and reading anything that has to do with the mind - maybe some Harry Potter mixed in.
I’m a big believer in karma, community, and kicking butt - just ask my personal trainer.  I’m also very passionate about teaching other creatives on how to break the mold and make their own rules in their life and business. Let us break the mold together!

I started Laundry Committee after running a successful crafting and  lifestyle blog for just under 6 years.

It was impossible to market to both demographics and make everyone happy. Instead, I started a new site for my business and blogging audience, and that’s where we are now! Enjoy!

The Laundry Committee main purpose is to help passionate creatives make a living doing what they love. Here you’ll find tips for blogging, branding, business, social media, affiliate marketing and more.